Saturday, January 21, 2012

Packaging Homeade Vanilla

How to Package your Homemade Vanilla

Now that we've all had a chance to get our Homemade Vanilla project started… It's time to start dressing up our bottles to get them ready to give as gifts in a few weeks. {yes, the holiday season is NOT that far away!}
First, The bottle. I decided on recycling some single serving 187ml wine bottles that I got on sale at my local grocery store for $1.00 a bottle. Now, that was a deal that I couldn't pass up so…

if you find something like that, take advantage. All you need to do is sanitize the bottles in the dishwasher and they are good to go.  If you can't find any bottles like that you can always order them online or many retailers like Ikea, The Container Store and such have 8oz. bottles available for sale.  Here are a few online options…
{click on the bottle images to visit each site}
Once you've selected your bottle then you need to get your labels ready.  This is the FUN part!!  Download the free printable label that I created for you…
{click on the image to download for your very own personal use!}
Now, you have a couple of choices
  • ~You can print the label on regular light weight paper and then glue to the bottle.  Simple, easy, straight forward.
  • ~You can take it to the next level and print it on white self adhesive label paper, like this kind from Avery. Cut the labels out and carefully place on the bottle. Again, pretty easy!
  • ~For a simply stunning presentation you can print the label directly onto some plain fabric and then affix to the bottle with spray adhesive. This is my FAVORITE method!!
My fabric of choice is a simple crinoline.  Not only is it elegant, but the sheerness of the fabric lends to a fun presentation if you choose to leave the vanilla beans in the bottle.  Any light weight fabric will work for this application as long as it is light in color and light enough to go through the printer. 
Here is how you print on the fabric…
  • ~Cut your fabric to 8.5 x 11
  • ~Spray a piece of card stock with spray adhesive {I use Elmers Craft Bond}
  • ~Quickly affix the fabric to the card stock
  • ~Make sure your printer settings are set for heavy weight paper and for a high quality print
  • ~Run the fabric affixed to the card stock through the printer
  • ~Give it a second to dry and then gently pull the fabric off of the card stock
  • ~You'll be surprised {well, at least I was} but the fabric really is only a little tacky after that
Now, all you have to do is cut out your label, fray the edges, spray with Elmers Craft Bond and carefully affix to the bottle. That's it!
All that's left to do is to dress up the bottle.  I used some sealing wax and a wax sealing stamp to add the fun red wax element to the lid of the bottle.
I then tied some Divine Twine around the neck of the bottle and added a vintage looking pin. Simple and sweet!  I know that if someone showed up on my doorstep with a goodie like this I would be thrilled!!